Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday August 13, 2008

So, you all aren't going to believe this, but today I sat down with the Prime Minister of Gabon! It sounds kind of crazy, right? Turns out the Prime Minister is also Landry's dad's uncle, so really I went to meet Landry's uncle, but the process was crazy. First of all, no one told me that I was supposed to wear a dress, so I looked nice, but was wearing pants. After sitting outside the building waiting for the PM to return from a meeting he was at with the PM of Libya for almost two hours, we finally get through the gate only to be quickly accosted by security who were not having two people walk into the office of the PM wearing jeans...especially not me as a woman. Fortunately, it pays to be family because we had already been cleared by the security closest to the PM, but I definitely felt uncomfortable with everyone in the building staring at me because I wasn't dressed properly.
The PM himself was really nice. He spoke mostly to Landry's dad in Feng, which I definitely don't understand, but he offered to take us around outside of the city once the Independence Day holiday is over. That's coming up this weekend. Neither Landry or I remembered to bring our cameras, but we did capture a few pics with his cell phone. Now we're trying to find the adapter cord so we can get them uploaded.
On another note, my walk to the cyber cafe this evening was a bit entertaining. Sometimes I feel like a walking show here...but even I'll admit this one was pretty funny. The road that the cyber cafe is on is the only road to get out to the main highway so more often than not traffic is pretty bad. Tonight there was a truck and the back of it looked kind of like those trailers that farmers pull behind their tractors. For anyone who's been on a haunted hayride, you know the kind I'm talking about, with the high iron bars. Anyway, there were a bunch of guys riding in the trailer being all kinds of goofy yelling and screaming and shaking the bars. Well, when they saw me coming down the street, it was all over. They started screaming so loud, yelling at me to come over and get on the truck with them. People were stopping and staring, oh but that's just the beginning! Two of these guys actually got off of the truck and ran up and slid on the ground in front of me one at a time pretending like they had fallen so that I would help them up. All the while they're yelling and being funny. Traffic stopped, people stopped....never a dull moment!!

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