Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday August 22, 2008

These first few pictures are just some random scenic pictures that I've taken around Libreville, as well as a crazy picture of myself the night I took my braids out that I just thought was too funny not to share. Today we took Landry's cousin Afi and her two kids out to a bird sanctuary. It was actually a really interesting place. From the outside it looks like a bar and in fact there is a bar located behind the bird sanctuary called Birdy's Bar. When you walk in there's all kinds of exotic looking birds and then some more common ones, you all may recognize ducks in one of the pictures. They also have an indoor part with fish and two stores, one with aquarium and bird supplies and the other is more of a home decorations boutique. Behind the store buildings is a playground and picnic area for birthday parties, an outdoor deck next to a swimming pool with a waterfall for the bar, and behind all that is a beautiful secluded area for wedding receptions and fancier parties. Talk about a one stop shop!! On the way home from the bird sanctuary we stopped at the beach for a little bit and there are some pictures of that as well.

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